Sony BDV-N9100WL Hom Cinema System mit 4K Upscaling

Bild: Sony

Sony kün­digte in einer Pres­se­mit­tei­lung ein neues Heim­ki­no­sys­tem BDV-N9100W mit 4K-Ups­ca­ling an.

Das Sys­tem gehört zur neuen N-Serie von Sonys Blu-Ray-Kom­plett­pa­ke­ten und über­rascht mit üppi­gen Fea­tures und einem inter­es­san­ten Design.

Der Blu-Ray-Player rech­net das native Full-HD Signal auf die vier­fa­che Größe (3.840 x 2.160 Pixel) hoch. Die Fer­rof­luid-Laut­spre­cher sor­gen für einen wun­der­ba­ren 5.1 Sur­round-Sound.

Ganz beson­de­res soll der „Foot­ball Mode“ sein. Sony hat die Akus­tik aus einem bra­si­lia­ni­schen Fuß­ball­sta­dion ana­ly­siert und ver­sucht mit­tels der erho­be­nen Daten, das Klang­feld auf den Rän­gen zu simu­lie­ren. Man soll sich füh­len als stehe man direkt zwi­schen den Fans. Wenn einem danach ist, kann man sogar den Kom­men­ta­tor aus­blen­den. Das ist natür­lich per­fekt, will man lie­ber selbst über das Spiel fach­sim­peln.

Ein inte­grier­tes NFC-Feld (Near Field Com­mu­ni­ca­tion) ermög­licht das Handy oder Tablet mit einer kur­zen Bewe­gung über den Sen­sor mit der Anlage zu ver­bin­den, falls diese die Tech­nik unter­stützt. Schnel­ler kann man seine Musik­bi­blio­thek gar­nicht auf sei­ner Anlage genie­ßen.

Natür­lich unter­stützt das Heim­ki­no­sys­tem auch Wifi und viele Netz­werk-Fea­tures wie Filme aus­lei­hen über Lovefilm/Netflix, Musik down­loa­den oder im Inter­net sur­fen usw.

Neben dem BDV-N9100W Sys­tem, bringt Sony auch noch ein klei­ne­res 5.1 Sur­round Sys­tem BDV-E6100 in den Han­del, wel­ches aber ohne 4K-Ups­ca­ling aus­kom­men muss. Etwas für den klei­ne­ren Geld­beu­tel ist der HT-CT660 Sound­bar, der nur mit vir­tu­el­len 5.1 Sur­round Sound auf­war­ten kann, dafür aber schön kom­pakt ist.

Bereits im April die­sen Jah­res ist das neue Heim­ki­no­sys­tem in Europa ver­füg­bar. Der Sound-Bar folgt im Mai.

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Sony brings entertainment home with stunning new design, great sound and easy connectivity

21 Janu­ary 2013

Home Cinema Sys­tems with 4K ups­ca­ling and one-touch music strea­m­ing

• Cut­ting-edge new sty­ling inspi­red by ‘Sense of Quartz’ to har­mo­nise with your new BRAVIA TV
• Enjoy your Blu-ray Disc™ movie collec­tion bey­ond HD qua­lity with 4K ups­ca­ling
• Expe­ri­ence pure, detail-packed sound with Magne­tic Fluid Spea­kers
• Wire­lessly stream music with one touch from your smart­phone or tablet
• New Foot­ball Mode brings you all the exci­te­ment of the sports sta­dium

Home enter­tain­ment has never loo­ked – or soun­ded – bet­ter with the new family of Blu-Ray Home Cinema and Sound Bar spea­ker sys­tems from Sony.

Whe­ther you’re loo­king for a fea­ture-packed Home Cinema Sys­tem or com­pact and sty­lish Sound Bar, this season’s models instantly add pre­sence to any living space. Con­fi­dently sculp­ted lines echo the ‘Sense of Quartz’ sty­ling that’s a signa­ture of this season’s BRAVIA TV range. Subtly uni­que new looks are com­ple­men­ted by pre­mium sound qua­lity and easy con­nec­tivity with online ser­vices and other devices around your home.

4K takes your view­ing bey­ond High Defi­ni­tion
Once you’ve seen it there’s no going back. This year’s N-Series Home Cinema Sys­tems ups­cale your movie collec­tion to detail-packed 4K reso­lu­tion to enjoy on any 4K TV.

With four times the reso­lu­tion of Full HD, you’ll be blown away by immer­sive, ultra-life­like pic­ture qua­lity that makes a night in front of the TV feel like a trip to the movies. It’s a great way to future-proof your Blu-ray Disc™ collec­tion, all ready for upgra­ding to your first 4K TV.

Cris­per, more satis­fy­ing sound with soul-shaking cla­rity
Make the most of your Blu-ray Home Cinema expe­ri­ence with power­ful, spark­ling sound that fills the room. Slim, sty­lish spea­ker units fea­ture Sony’s revo­lu­tio­nary Magne­tic Fluid Spea­ker tech­no­logy. Using an advan­ced fer­rof­luid mate­rial deve­lo­ped by NASA for the space pro­gramme, this ground-brea­king spea­ker achie­ves more accu­rate, revea­ling sound – even at high volume levels. You’ll hear the dif­fe­rence with detail-packed dia­lo­gue, clea­rer music and rich, focu­sed bass. Newly-desi­gned rear sur­round spea­kers cut cable clut­ter, recei­ving audio wire­lessly from the main sys­tem.

Foot­ball Mode recrea­tes that sta­dium thrill with all-round sound
Made for sports fans, new Foot­ball Mode brings the exci­te­ment of the big match right home. Using acou­stic data cap­tu­red at a Bra­zi­lian foot­ball sta­dium, your home cinema sys­tem immer­ses you in the action – just like you’re there in the stands. Touch a but­ton and cut the commentator’s voice when you want to focus on the action with no dis­trac­tions. A win­ning result for any sports lover, Foot­ball Mode also enhan­ces enjoy­ment of other sports like rugby, ten­nis or motor­sport.

Touch and lis­ten with your smart­phone or tablet
Don’t leave all that music stuck inside your smart­phone or tablet: let ever­yone enjoy your favou­rite tracks. Just touch your Near Field Com­mu­ni­ca­tion (NFC)- and Bluetooth®-enabled Android smart­phone or tablet briefly against the Home Cinema Sys­tem or Sound Bar. A Blue­tooth® con­nec­tion is made instantly using NFC, with no need for fiddly device pai­ring or com­pli­ca­ted set­tings. Then stream crys­tal-clear music wire­lessly from your mobile device for the per­fect party sound­track.

Blue­tooth® lis­ten­ing is enhan­ced by Sony’s Digi­tal Music Enhan­cer with uni­que audio tech­no­lo­gies that res­tore high fre­quen­cies lost in hea­vily-com­pres­sed music files. Your music collection’s never soun­ded bet­ter.

Con­nect to even more enter­tain­ment expe­ri­en­ces with Wi-Fi
Built-in Wi-Fi con­nects you with other devices around the home, plus an excit­ing world of online con­tent and ser­vices. Stream HD videos and music from a net­wor­ked PC to enjoy with superb sound qua­lity through your TV spea­kers or on your Home Cinema Sys­tem.

Wi-Fi also lets you explore a huge choice of online con­tent from Sony and other great names. One sim­ple sub­scrip­tion to Sony Enter­tain­ment Net­work lets you enjoy thou­sands of on-demand movies and TV shows from Video Unli­mi­ted, or browse mil­li­ons of songs and ad-free radio chan­nels from Music Unli­mi­ted. Need even more enter­tain­ment? Access popu­lar strea­m­ing ser­vices like LOVEFiLM and Net­flix. Browse favou­rite web sites on the big screen while rela­xing on the sofa. You can even join the con­ver­sa­tion on social net­wor­king sites like Face­book and Twit­ter as you watch TV.

Stay in con­trol with TV Side­View
Con­trol your Home Cinema Sys­tem from your Xpe­ria Tablet or Xpe­ria smart­phone with TV Side­View. This free app (Android or iOS) makes it easy to browse pro­gramme lis­tings, explore online ser­vices and dis­co­ver more con­tent rela­ted to the Blu-ray Disc™ or TV show you’re watching. It’s a supre­mely satis­fy­ing home enter­tain­ment expe­ri­ence… right at your fin­ger­tips.

The new gene­ra­tion of Home Cinema Sys­tems from Sony are avail­able in Europe from April. The HT-CT660 Sur­round Sound Bar is avail­able from May 2013.

Notes to editors

Home Cinema Sys­tems and Sur­round Sound Bar: fea­tures at a glance 

BDV-N9100W Home Cinema Sys­tem BDV-E6100 Home Cinema Sys­tem HT-CT660 Sur­round Sound Bar 
  • 1000W power out­put
  • 5.1 sur­round sound
  • Wire­less rear spea­kers
  • Magne­tic Fluid Spea­kers
  • Full HD 3D/2D Blu-ray Disc™ /DVD Player
  • Read exter­nal HDD
  • Blue­tooth® and NFC
  • Sony Enter­tain­ment Net­work (inclu­ding Live/3D strea­m­ing)
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV Side­View remote
  • 4K ups­ca­ling
  • 1000W power out­put
  • 5.1 sur­round sound
  • Full HD 3D/2D Blu-ray Disc™ /DVD Player
  • Blue­tooth® and NFC
  • Sony Enter­tain­ment Net­work (inclu­ding Live/3D strea­m­ing)
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV Side­View remote
  • 330W power out­put
  • S-Force PRO Front Sur­round 3D vir­tual 5.1 sur­round sound
  • Blue­tooth® and NFC
  • Wire­less active sub­woo­fer
  • 3x HDMI in/ 1x HDMI out
  • Pre­mium hexa­go­nal design
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