Sony hat auf der CES 2013 seine neuen 65- und 55- Zoll Ultra HD-Fern­se­her vor­ge­stellt. Der Elek­tro­nik­her­stel­ler denkt wohl an seine „arme“ Kund­schaft, die lei­der kei­nen Platz hat sich deren 84 Zoll Mons­ter Bra­via 84X9005 ins Wohn­zim­mer zu stel­len.

Die 2013 Bra­via-Pro­dukt­li­nie setzt unser Stre­ben fort, die beste Bild­qua­li­tät in jedem Modell-Seg­ment zu lie­fern und mit zwei neuen Grö­ßen ist das erstaun­li­che 4K-Fern­seh-Erleb­nis für viele Kun­den in greif­ba­rer Nähe“, so Mike Lucas, Senior Vide Pre­si­dent von Sony Elec­tro­nics Home Divi­sion. „Der 84 Zoll XBR 4K LED Fern­se­her ist sicher­lich ein Sta­tus­sym­bol und ein groß­ar­ti­ger Anblick, aber die neuen Grö­ßen ermög­li­chen Sonys wun­der­schöne 4K-Auf­lö­sung in jeder Wohn­um­ge­bung zu erle­ben, zu einem Preis, der gleich­zieht mit dem eines Pre­mium HD Fern­se­hers.“

Das ist doch eine inter­es­sante Aus­sage, dass Sony seine neuen Modelle in der Preis­land­schaft eines Pre­mium HD Fern­se­hers ansie­deln möchte. Die fina­len Preise wur­den natür­lich noch nicht genannt, obwohl die 4K-Fern­se­her bereits in die­sem Früh­jahr in den USA auf den Markt kom­men.

Die neus­ten Mit­glie­der der XBR-900A-Fami­lie ver­fü­gen über die übli­che Auf­lö­sung von 3.840 x 2.160 Pixel und bie­ten dank „Trilumi­nous LED Back­light“ rei­che, authen­ti­sche Far­ben inklu­sive der schwer zu repro­du­zie­ren­den Rot- und Grün­töne. Sonys 4K X-Rea­lity PRO(TM)-Technologie unter­drückt Bild­rau­schen und gleicht For­men im Bild an.

Für den rich­ti­gen Sound sor­gen Fer­rof­luid-Laut­spre­cher, die nach vorne aus­ge­rich­tet, das Desi­gn­kon­zept der neuen Geräte umran­den.

Alle XBR-X900A Modelle sind mit WiFi aus­ge­stat­tet und bie­ten natür­lich eine Viel­zahl an Smart TV-Apps.


Sony Ultra HD XBR-900A

Sony Ultra HD XBR-900A | Bild:

Sony Ultra HD XBR-900A

Sony Ultra HD XBR-900A | Bild:


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New 55 & 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TVs Debut Along Side an All LED Lin­eup Con­ti­nuing Sony’s Mis­sion to Pro­vide the Best Pic­ture Qua­lity No Mat­ter the Source

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013 (CES Booth #14200) – Sony is unvei­ling an impres­sive line-up of new BRAVIA TVs, with new 4K Ultra HD models at sizes and pri­ces that put 4K wit­hin reach of a wider audi­ence, and new LED sets that com­ple­ment superb pic­ture qua­lity with fea­tures like WiFiTM and NFC. With these new TVs, Sony’s goal is clear: deli­ver the most immer­sive home enter­tain­ment expe­ri­ence, with the hig­hest pic­ture qua­lity, regard­less of the con­tent or source.

Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess­ful launch of its 84-inch 4K LED TV in Sep­tem­ber 2012, Sony is expan­ding its 4K UHD XBR LED TV line by adding 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes to the X900A series of 4K Ultra HD TV, with four times the reso­lu­tion of Full HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Also on dis­play at CES are the W and R series of HD LED TVs which deli­ver an incredi­ble home view­ing expe­ri­ence.

The 2013 BRAVIA line con­ti­nues our acclai­med com­mit­ment to deli­ver­ing the best pic­ture qua­lity at every model seg­ment and with two new sizes, the ama­zing 4K TV expe­ri­ence will now be wit­hin reach of many more con­su­mers,“ said Mike Lucas, senior vice pre­si­dent of Sony Elec­tro­nics‘ Home Divi­sion. „The 84-inch XBR 4K LED TV is an impres­sive sight and a sta­tus sym­bol for sure, but these new sizes mean that the beauty of Sony 4K can be expe­ri­en­ced in any home envi­ron­ment – at a cost that is right around that of a pre­mium HD TV.“

The XBR-X900A series of 4K LED TVs employ many tech­no­lo­gi­cal advan­ces to achieve their stun­ning pic­ture. For exam­ple, the 4K X-Rea­lity PROTM pic­ture engine redu­ces visual noise and cor­rects image shapes. TRILUMINOS Dis­play LED back­light­ing is used in the XBR 4K LED TVs to pre­sent rich, authentic color with subtle tones while also repli­ca­ting bold colors inclu­ding hard-to-repro­duce reds and greens. By inte­gra­ting QD Vision’s Color IQTM* opti­cal com­po­nent with Sony’s uni­que dis­play tech­no­lo­gies, these tele­vi­si­ons achieve signi­fi­cantly wider color gamut and pro­vide a far more natu­ral and vivid view­ing expe­ri­ence with a heigh­te­ned sense of depth. This wider color gamut also enri­ches and impro­ves pic­ture qua­lity of per­so­nal con­tent cap­tu­red on com­pa­ti­ble Sony digi­tal came­ras and cam­cor­ders com­pa­ti­ble with TRILUMINOS Color, which con­ta­ins wide-color gamut infor­ma­tion in its con­tent. Fur­ther­more, Sony offers Blu-ray Disc play­ers com­pa­ti­ble with TRILUMINOS Color, allo­wing con­su­mers to fully enjoy Blu-ray con­tent shot in wide and rich color.
Along with offe­ring its best-ever pic­ture qua­lity, the XBR-X900A series, 4K UHD LED TVs offer a bet­ter sound expe­ri­ence by incor­po­ra­ting an end-to-end Sony audio solu­tion. Uti­li­zing a Signal-to-Sound Archi­tec­ture, these TVs incor­po­rate Sony’s own magne­tic fluid spea­kers and uni­que digi­tal signal pro­ces­sing tech­no­logy to deli­ver smooth midrange, lower vibra­tion and deep bass. The front fac­ing spea­kers on XBR 4K LED TVs extend Sony’s new design con­cept to match the exte­rior aes­t­he­tic of some of the other 2013 models for the home with a striking, angu­lar, face­ted outer cabi­net – incor­po­ra­ting the Sense of Quartz design con­cept.

All XBR-X900A models are Wi-Fi® enab­led and offer a wide range of inter­net con­nec­ted ser­vices inclu­ding Sony’s smart con­nect solu­ti­ons, enab­ling cross-device con­nec­tivity bet­ween mobile devices and their TV. With fea­tures such as One-touch mir­ro­ring and TV Side­View®, the X series TVs pro­vide grea­ter con­trol and addi­tio­nal con­tent opti­ons by inter­con­nec­ting media sour­ces across the home and mobile enter­tain­ment eco­sys­tem.

The X series of 4K LED TVs will be avail­able in Spring 2013 at Sony Stores and select elec­tro­nics retailers nati­onwide. Also avail­able in Spring will be a lin­eup of Mas­te­red in 4K Blu-ray discs from Sony Pic­tures‘ Color­works Stu­dio. The first tit­les to be avail­able include The Ama­zing Spi­der-ManTM, The Karate Kid and Taxi Dri­ver. Sour­ced from pris­tine 4K mas­ters and pre­sen­ted at high-bitrate, full HD reso­lu­tion, these discs show­case more of the wide range of rich color con­tai­ned in the ori­gi­nal source con­tent. When ups­ca­led via the Sony 4K Ultra HD LED TVs, these discs serve as an ideal way for con­su­mers to expe­ri­ence near-4K pic­ture qua­lity.

Sony’s com­mit­ment to bring 4K con­tent to the home does not stop there, as laun­ching this Sum­mer will be the first 4K Ultra HD Video dis­tri­bu­tion ser­vice in the U.S. Con­su­mers will be able to enjoy native 4K con­tent such as fea­ture length movies from Sony Pic­tures as well as other pro­duc­tions with stun­ning pic­ture and sound. At that time Sony will also intro­duce a dedi­ca­ted 4K Media Player to bring this ser­vice to the home.

Great Pic­ture Qua­lity Does Not Stop With 4K Ultra HD
In addi­tion to the new XBR-X900A, 4K LED TV models, Sony is debut­ing two new series of LED TVs, which will also arrive in stores this Spring, and crea­ted for con­su­mers loo­king for an ama­zing high defi­ni­tion expe­ri­ence. The W series of LED BRAVIA tele­vi­si­ons inclu­des the KDL-W650A, KDL-W802A and KDL-W900A. All models are Wi-Fi enab­led, with the W900A TV incor­po­ra­ting NFC fea­tures of the X- series, TRILUMINOS dis­play, X-Rea­lity PROTM pic­ture engine and active 3D capa­bi­lity. The KDL-W900A LED HD TV lever­a­ges the hig­hest level of Moti­on­flowTM XR for the best expe­ri­ence when view­ing fast- moving action. The W900A inte­gra­tes a uni­que long duct spea­ker cabi­net design. The long 1.2m spea­ker duct is cle­verly fol­ded into a com­pact unit that’s hid­den neatly behind the TV screen. Though the spea­kers are hid­den, the newly-desi­gned spea­ker cabi­net repro­du­ces rich bass and lower midrange sounds, adding extra punch and depth to action movies, music and dia­lo­gue. This is means they pro­duce the bass exten­sion of a much big­ger, bul­kier spea­ker.

The R series BRAVIA LED HD TVs inclu­des several opti­ons for con­su­mers loo­king for fea­ture rich TVs with incredi­ble pic­ture qua­lity. The KDL-R550A LED HD TV with 3D is Wi-Fi con­nec­ted enab­ling con­su­mers to wire­lessly access a full array of Sony Enter­tain­ment Net­work ser­vices; as well as being RVU com­p­li­ant, mea­ning DirectT­VTM cust­o­m­ers with GenieTM Whole-Home HD DVR can access their set- top box, DVR and on-demand ser­vices right from the KDL-R550A TV without the need for addi­tio­nal equip­ment. Also, with One-touch mir­ro­ring and pas­sive 3D (inclu­ding four pairs of glas­ses) the model is avail­able in 70-inch, 60-inch and 50-inch sizes repre­sen­ting new sizes and per­for­mance from Sony. Also avail­able with the same fea­ture-set, in 60 and 70-inch sizes, minus 3D capa­bi­lity is the KDL-R520A. Addi­tio­nally, the KDL-40R450A LED HDTV and KDL-32R400A will debut offe­ring excel­lent pic­ture and a bevy of fea­tures, inclu­ding One-touch Mir­ro­ring, repre­sen­ting a great value for con­su­mers.

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