Ama­zon Stu­dios wird 2014 fünf Serien in Ultra HD Auf­lö­sung pro­du­zie­ren, dar­un­ter auch Drama- und Comedy-Serien. In einer Test­phase wur­den meh­rere Pilot­fol­gen von Seri­en­kon­zep­ten in 4K Auf­lö­sung gedreht. Aus die­sen Test­fol­gen wur­den die fünf bes­ten Seri­en­kon­zepte aus­ge­wählt, von denen jeweils eine kom­plette Staf­fel in 2014 pro­du­ziert wird.

Unter den neuen 4K Serien befin­det sich „The After“ vom Emmy-nomi­nier­ten Chris Car­ter (The X-Files), „Bosch“ basie­rend auf die Best­sel­ler Buch­se­rie „Harry Bosch“ von Michael Con­nelly, „Mozart in the Jun­gle“ vom Aca­demy Award-nomi­nier­ten Roman Cop­pola (The Dar­jee­ling Limi­ted), „The Rebels“ von Kevin Iwa­shina, Jeremy Garelick, Con­stance Schwartz, Matt Alva­rez und Michael Stra­ham (ehe­ma­li­ger Foot­ball-Spie­ler und Host von Live with Kelly and Michael) sowie „Trans­pa­rent“ von der Emmy-nomi­nier­ten Jill Solo­way (Six Feet Under). Ob die Serien in Ultra HD Auf­lö­sung und deut­scher Syn­chro­ni­sie­rung auch über ver­füg­bar sein wer­den, ist noch nicht bekannt.

Roy Price, Direc­tor of Ama­zon Stu­dios:

Als Pre­mium-Lie­fe­rant für ori­gi­nale Inhalte sind wir sehr gespannt auf 4K und die Zukunft der Ultra HD Tech­no­lo­gie, vor allem da wir im nächs­ten Jahr Drama-Serien in die­ser Auf­lö­sung umset­zen. Alle Pilot­fol­gen und Serien die wir in 2014 pro­du­zie­ren, wer­den in 4K auf­ge­nom­men. Dies beinhal­tet auch unsere erste Drama-Serie für die wir nächs­tes Jahr grü­nes Licht geben wer­den – Wir glau­ben das der Zuschauer es lie­ben wird, die Serien in best­mög­li­cher Auf­lö­sung zu ver­fol­gen und wir kön­nen es gar nicht erwar­ten ihm genau das zu lie­fern.“

Kurzbeschreibung der Serien:

  • Trans­pa­rent (Comedy): Trans­pa­rent ist eine schwarze Comedy-Serie über eine Fami­lie in Los Ange­les, wel­che ein Pro­blem hat Gren­zen zu set­zen. In die­ser Erfor­schung von Gedan­ken, Sex, Essen und Flei­sches­lust, lüf­tet sich die Ver­gan­gen­heit und die Zukunft wenn ein dra­ma­ti­sches Geständ­nis jeder­manns Geheim­nis ver­rät.
  • The Rebels (The Out­laws): Julie Levine über­nimmt nach dem Tod ihres Man­nes die Lei­tung sei­nes Pro Foot­ball Teams und hat sicht­lich Pro­bleme mit Spie­ler und Manage­ment.
  • Mozart in the Jun­gle: Sex, Dro­gen und klas­si­sche Musik. Was hin­ter den Vor­hän­gen der Sym­pho­nie pas­siert ist genauso fes­selnd und inter­es­sant wie die Musik auf der Bühne.
  • Bosch: Das Ermitt­lun­gen eines alt­ge­dien­ten Police Offi­cers aus der Mord­kom­mis­sion des Los Ange­les Police Depart­ments.
  • The After: Lei­der keine Infor­ma­tio­nen vor­han­den.


Ama­zon Stu­dios to Shoot 2014

Ori­gi­nal Drama and Comedy Series in 4K Ama­zon Stu­dios’ first-ever full-length drama series will be shot in 4K Ultra High Defi­ni­tionoffe­ring view­ers four times the num­ber of pixels as stan­dard full HD In addi­tion, Ama­zon has intro­du­ced the “4K Ultra HDTV Guide” where cust­o­m­ers can learn about the latest in high reso­lu­tion enter­tain­ment

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 16, 2013– (NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon Stu­dios, the ori­gi­nal film and TV pro­duc­tion arm of, today announ­ced that it plans to shoot all 2014 full ori­gi­nal series, inclu­ding come­dies and dra­mas, in 4K Ultra HD. 4K is the latest and most advan­ced in high defi­ni­tion video, uti­li­zing dis­plays with an aspect ratio of at least 16:9 and capa­ble of show­ca­sing video at a reso­lu­tion of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels or 8.3 mil­lion pixels—that’s four times the num­ber of pixels as stan­dard full HD. 4K means cust­o­m­ers can enjoy their favo­rite movies and TV shows with unpre­ce­den­ted pic­ture clarity—details are shar­per with smoo­ther lines so that even up-close images seem clea­rer and more rea­li­s­tic.

As a pre­mium ori­gi­nal con­tent crea­tor, we’re exci­ted about 4K and the future of Ultra HD tech­no­logy, par­ti­cu­larly as we move into drama series next year,” said Roy Price, Direc­tor of Ama­zon Stu­dios. “All of the pilots and series we pro­duce next year will be shot in 4K. That inclu­des our first ever drama series that we will green­light next year—we think cust­o­m­ers are going to love watching these series in the hig­hest reso­lu­tion ever avail­able to con­su­mers and we can’t wait to deli­ver it.“

Ama­zon Stu­dios announ­ced ear­lier this year that it will debut five new comedy and drama pilots in 2014. Cust­o­m­ers will be invi­ted to watch, pro­vide feed­back and help deter­mine which of the pilots should be pro­du­ced as series to air exclu­si­vely on Prime Instant Video and Amazon’s LOVEFiLM in the UK. This round of comedy and drama pilots from Ama­zon will include The After, from Emmy-nominee Chris Car­ter (The X-Files), Bosch, based on the best-sel­ling Harry Bosch book series by Michael Con­nelly, Mozart in the Jun­gle, from Aca­demy Award-nominee Roman Cop­pola (The Dar­jee­ling Limi­ted), Jason Schwart­z­man (Moon­rise King­dom, Rushmore) and Alex Tim­bers (Peter and the Star­cat­cher), The Rebels from Kevin Iwa­shina, Jeremy Garelick, Con­stance Schwartz, Matt Alva­rez and Michael Stra­han (for­mer New York Giants foot­ball player and host of Live with Kelly and Michael), and Trans­pa­rent from Emmy-nominee Jill Solo­way (Six Feet Under). The shows that are then selec­ted to move into full series, along with addi­tio­nal pilots fil­med in 2014, will all be fil­med in 4K.

Ama­zon has also intro­du­ced a 4K Ultra HDTV Guide at Cust­o­m­ers will find hel­pful infor­ma­tion about the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween 4K and regu­lar high defi­ni­tion, an HD pixel com­pa­ri­son chart, a graph that illus­tra­tes the various jumps in reso­lu­tion from stan­dard defi­ni­tion all the way to 4K, fac­tors that impact pic­ture qua­lity, and a guide on rele­vant ter­mi­no­logy. Cust­o­m­ers will also find Amazon’s selec­tion of the latest models of 4K TVs and 4K com­pa­ti­ble recei­vers and Blu-ray play­ers. About Ama­zon Stu­dios Ama­zon Stu­dios laun­ched in 2010 as a new way to deve­lop fea­ture films and epi­so­dic series—one that’s open to great ideas from crea­tors and audi­en­ces around the world. Anyone can upload a script and will then be noti­fied wit­hin 45 days if that script is optio­ned. Ama­zon Stu­dios will read and review all sub­mis­si­ons and those who choose to make their pro­jects public will also receive feed­back from the Ama­zon Stu­dios com­mu­nity.

Most recently, Ama­zon Stu­dios debuted its first two comedy series, Alpha House and Betas. The com­pany will release its first three kids series, Anne­bots, Crea­tive Galaxy and Tum­bleaf, early next year. In addi­tion, ele­ven new pilots will debut in early 2014, inclu­ding kids’ pilots—Gor­ti­mer Gibbon’s Life on Nor­mal Street, Grid Smas­her, The Maker Shack Agency and Wis­hen­poof!, and adult comedy and drama pilots—The After, Bosch, Mozart in the Jun­gle, The Rebels and Trans­pa­rent. They will be avail­able exclu­si­vely on Ama­zon Instant Video and LOVEFiLM in the UK for all cust­o­m­ers to watch and pro­vide feed­back. Since launch, more than 18,000 movie scripts and 4,000 series pro­jects have been sub­mit­ted to Ama­zon Stu­dios. Ama­zon Stu­dios con­ti­nues to invite series crea­tors to upload their pro­po­sals for comedy and children’s pro­gramming at or sub­mit them pri­va­tely via Ama­zon Stu­dios. Com­pre­hen­sive cast and crew infor­ma­tion, inclu­ding bios and fil­mo­gra­phies, is avail­able on Amazon’s IMDb (, the world’s most popu­lar and aut­ho­ri­ta­tive source for movie, TV and cele­brity con­tent.

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