Samsung S9

Samsungs S9 für 39.999 $ in den USA

Samsung hat per Pres­se­mit­tei­lung den US-Preis für sei­nen 85 Zoll Ultra HD Fern­se­her bekannt gege­ben. Die­ser liegt bei 39.999 $US. Das sind umge­rech­net „nur“ 31.000 Euro. Erst Anfang Februar die­sen Jah­res wurde der 4K-Fern­se­her in Monacco vor­ge­stellt, mit einem Preis von 40.000 Euro für Europa.

Einen Teil die­ser enor­men Dif­fe­renz, kann man sicher durch die unter­schied­li­chen Steu­er­sät­zen in Europa und den USA begrün­den, bleibt aber noch eine Dif­fe­renz von ca. 3000 Euro.

Wenn man ehr­lich ist, die „paar“ Euro wer­den einen Kauf­in­ter­es­sier­ten nicht stö­ren. Wer sich zu die­sem Preis ein Fern­seh­ge­rät zulegt, wird sicher­lich über genug Geld­re­ser­ven ver­fü­gen.

Wer in Zukunft einen Samsung S9 4K-Fern­se­her sein Eigen nennt, darf sich über satte Far­ben und beste Schwarz­werte, dank Samsungs Pre­ci­sion Black Pro-Tech­no­lo­gie freuen. Auch Videos im Stan­dard HD For­mat, sol­len dank inte­grier­tem Ultra HD-Ups­ca­ler ein ganz neues Fern­se­h­er­leb­nis bie­ten.

3-Wege Laut­spre­cher mit 2.2 Kanal-Sound und 120 Watt (ver­baut im Rah­men), sol­len lt. Her­stel­ler um bis zu 6 mal bes­se­ren Sound bie­ten als bei Stan­dard-Fern­se­her (wie kann man das errech­nen?). Nicht zu ver­ges­sen die aus­ge­fal­lene Rah­men­kon­struk­tion, die es erlaubt den Fern­se­her in die gewünschte ver­ti­kale Posi­tion zu ver­stel­len.

Die Ame­ri­ka­nen dür­fen sich bereits Ende März über den 85 Zoll Behe­moth freuen. In Europa rech­net man mit einer Ver­füg­bar­keit ab April.

Der F8500 Full HD-Fernseher mit HEVC-Codec Support

Sehr inter­es­sant ist auch, dass Samsung mit dem F8500, einen der ers­ten Fern­seh­ge­räte mit HEVC (h.265) Codec Sup­port auf den Markt bringt. Die­ser ermög­licht auch bei bestehen­dem HD-Film­ma­te­rial, eine Ver­bes­se­rung der Qua­li­tät bei glei­cher Daten­menge, oder eine Redu­zie­rung der Daten­menge bei gleich­blei­ben­der Qua­li­tät um ca. 50%. Inter­es­sant wäre es zu wis­sen, wann der erste Ultra HD-fähige Fern­se­her mit HEVC-Sup­port ange­kün­digt wird.

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First ever Evo­lu­tion Kit, S-Recom­men­da­tion and Smart Hub offer con­su­mers a tele­vi­sion view­ing expe­ri­ence unlike any other

New audio products deliver superior sound quality and easy connectivity options

Ridge­field Park, N.J., March 20, 2013 – Samsung Elec­tro­nics Ame­rica today announ­ced a new Smart TV expe­ri­ence that sim­pli­fies how con­su­mers search for and dis­co­ver their pre­fer­red con­tent, while rai­sing the bar in pic­ture qua­lity. Its highly anti­ci­pa­ted line of 2013 TVs will begin ship­ping this month in the U.S., begin­ning with the LED 8000-series and the Plasma 8500-series.

The TV indus­try is under­go­ing a sea change in both con­tent and tech­no­logy. Alt­hough con­su­mers can now access a ple­t­hora of con­tent from myriad sour­ces, fin­ding and choo­sing their favo­rite con­tent has become even har­der. Our 2013 Smart TVs make it easy for you to spend less time sear­ching for shows and movies, and more time dis­co­ver­ing and watching the con­tent you love,“ said Joe Stin­ziano, Exe­cu­tive Vice Pre­si­dent, Samsung Elec­tro­nics Ame­rica. „Samsung has also crea­ted an evo­lu­tio­nary TV, so the TV that con­su­mers buy today will trans­form into the TV of tomor­row. Thanks to the world’s first Smart Evo­lu­tion Kit, con­su­mers will have the latest fea­tures and they won’t be left behind.“

The 2013 line up of TVs represent Samsung’s sixth generation of Smart TV. While features vary by model, highlights of select products include:

A rede­si­gned Samsung Smart Hub that offers five dyna­mic menu panels to help con­su­mers manage and navi­gate dif­fe­rent types of con­tent.
With S-Recom­men­da­tion, con­su­mers can easily find the con­tent they want – whe­ther on TV or via pre­mium VOD ser­vices – thanks to per­so­na­li­zed recom­men­da­ti­ons based on their view­ing hab­its over time.
Out­stan­ding pic­ture qua­lity across the 2013 lines. Samsung’s UHD TV and LED TVs offer brigh­ter, more vibrant color, and its flagship Plasma TV deli­vers deeper blacks and brigh­ter whi­tes than pre­viously seen on plasma models.
Smart Evo­lu­tion Kit gives owners of flagship 2012 Samsung TVs the oppor­tu­nity to update their models with some of the latest fea­tures from 2013 without having to buy a new set.
A quad-core CPU enables quick app laun­ching, web brow­sing and multi-tas­king.
Smart View lets con­su­mers move con­tent seam­lessly from the TV to con­nec­ted devices and back in real-time, so con­su­mers never miss a moment of their favo­rite shows using AllS­hare.
Advan­ced Smart Inter­ac­tion allows con­su­mers to use ever­y­day lan­guage and casual gestu­res to con­trol the TV.

Samsung Transforms TV Watching

From Smart Evo­lu­tion, to a re-desi­gned Smart Hub, to the unmatched pic­ture qua­lity of Samsung’s UHD TV, Samsung has crea­ted a full suite of smart pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons that allow con­su­mers to engage with and expe­ri­ence their TV in new ways.

This year, Samsung’s rede­si­gned Smart Hub makes it easier for con­su­mers to dis­co­ver the con­tent they love. It eli­mi­na­tes the need to navi­gate through myriad sour­ces and opti­ons, and pro­vi­des a sim­ple way to manage con­tent from one cen­tral loca­tion. Avail­able on select 2013 TVs, Blu-ray play­ers and home thea­ter sys­tems, the new Smart Hub draws inspi­ra­tion from how con­su­mers inter­act with mobile devices by offe­ring intui­tive con­trols and a one-of-a-kind user expe­ri­ence. The easy-to-navi­gate inter­face orga­ni­zes con­tent on five dyna­mic panels, inclu­ding Smart TV pro­gram gui­des, video-on-demand, apps, social and per­so­nal con­tent. These panels include:

On TV – shows the chan­nel that is cur­rently play­ing as well as the most rele­vant, per­so­na­li­zed sug­ges­ti­ons that may be airing shortly based on con­su­mer view­ing hab­its
Movies & TV Shows – an easy view of movies and TV ser­vices and over-the-top con­tent that are avail­able from various con­tent pro­vi­ders.
Music, Pho­tos & Clips – allows con­su­mers to orga­nize per­so­nal con­tent and files on Samsung Smart TVs and other lin­ked devices
Social – high­lights user crea­ted con­tent from fri­ends and family, popu­lar videos from Face­book, Twit­ter, YouTube, and video call ser­vices
Smart TV Apps – orga­ni­zes down­loa­ded Samsung Apps and recom­men­da­ti­ons for easy access

Samsung has also crea­ted the first-ever recom­men­da­tion engine for TVs to help con­su­mers navi­gate the overw­hel­ming amount of con­tent avail­able. Samsung’s S-Recom­men­da­tion gives con­su­mers a uni­que way of dis­co­ver­ing con­tent based on their per­so­nal pre­fe­ren­ces. It ana­ly­zes con­su­mers‘ past view­ing hab­its over a period of six months to „learn“ their pre­fe­ren­ces so that it can recom­mend simi­lar con­tent. The recom­men­da­ti­ons are pro­vi­ded from a variety of sour­ces, inclu­ding broad­cast tele­vi­sion as well as strea­m­ing ser­vices.

Smart Inter­ac­tion has also been upgraded with the ability to reco­gnize natu­ral lan­guage use (such as full phra­ses) as well as more casual hand move­ment (like swi­ping to change screens).

To ensure con­su­mers con­ti­nue to enjoy the best expe­ri­ence from their Samsung TVs, Samsung’s Smart Evo­lu­tion Kit, an indus­try first, offers a cost-effec­tive way for con­su­mers to update their TVs with the latest tech­no­lo­gies and fea­tures. The kit fits into the evo­lu­tion slot on the back of 2012 Samsung 7500 and 8000 Series LED TVs, as well as Samsung Series 7000 and 8000 Plasma TVs, and updates them with some of the latest fea­tures and func­tions inclu­ded in the newest Samsung models. 2013 F7500 LED and above and F8500 Plasma TVs also include a Smart Evo­lu­tion slot.

The 2013 Smart Evo­lu­tion kit inclu­des a quad-core pro­ces­sor, GPU and memory for fas­ter pro­ces­sing and multi-tas­king, the updated Smart Hub and the latest pic­ture dis­play soft­ware. The Smart Evo­lu­tion Kit is packa­ged with the 2013 Smart Touch Remote, and will be avail­able in May for $299.99.

Bigger Is Better

For con­su­mers that desire the very best in home enter­tain­ment, Samsung’s S9 UHD TV repres­ents an indus­try bre­akth­rough both in pic­ture qua­lity and design. Samsung’s Pre­ci­sion Black Pro tech­no­logy deli­vers deep, real blacks and pure viva­cious whi­tes, while the com­bi­na­tion of an extre­mely high con­trast ratio and Ulti­mate Dim­ming con­trol func­tio­na­lity means con­su­mers will expe­ri­ence the shar­pest reso­lu­ti­ons ever seen on large for­mat dis­plays. In addi­tion, Samsung’s pro­prietary up-sca­ling engine up-con­verts HD or Full-HD to UHD-level pic­ture qua­lity by res­to­ring detail infor­ma­tion to create grea­ter pre­ci­sion and real-life pic­ture qua­lity.

The S9’s 3-way 2.2 chan­nels of 120 watt sound also deli­vers an audio expe­ri­ence that is six times bet­ter than a stan­dard TV, so con­su­mers can truly immerse them­sel­ves in the expe­ri­ence, almost like they were in the thick of the action. This 85-inch UHD TV also offers a time­l­ess design – the TV appears to float wit­hin its thin frame – which chal­len­ges tra­di­tio­nal con­cepts of TV design. The UN85S9 will be avail­able will be avail­able for pre-order on at the end of March for $39,999.

The Brightest LED Line with the Highest Contrasts Available

The F8000 series, Samsung’s 2013 flagship LED Smart TV, boasts a stun­ning design that com­ple­ments any room in the home. It offers the most vibrant and richest colors with the hig­hest con­trasts and the brigh­test pic­ture qua­lity of any Samsung LED TV to date. Samsung’s pro­prietary Micro Dim­ming Ulti­mate tech­no­logy pro­vi­des grea­ter con­tracts, deeper black levels and maxi­mum bright­ness – along with the full suite of Samsung Smart fea­tures. Con­su­mers will enjoy the speed at which they can browse the web or down­load and access apps, thanks to the TV’s quad-core pro­ces­sor, a first in the indus­try. The F8000 will be avail­able this year in size clas­ses ran­ging from 46″ to 75″ at vary­ing price points.

Setting a New Standard

Samsung’s F8500 Plasma TV, 2013 flagship plasma model, is the new indus­try stan­dard for TV excel­lence offe­ring deeper blacks and brigh­ter pic­ture qua­lity than pre­viously seen on plasma TVs. The F8500 deli­vers the same bright­ness and eight times the black levels as stan­dard LED TVs, thanks to Samsung’s pro­prietary Deep Black Algo­rithm and Real Black Pro II. The F8500 is also one of the first tele­vi­si­ons with native sup­port for HEVC-encoded con­tent, which deli­vers the richest, most immer­sive con­tent. With Samsung’s One Body Form design, the F8500 is crea­ted from a sin­gle piece of metal while high­ligh­ted with a dark titan metal color for a futu­ris­tic design. The F8000 will be avail­able this year in several size clas­ses ran­ging from 51″ to 64″ at vary­ing price points.

The Ultimate Sound Experience with Samsung’s Vacuum Tube Technology

Samsung unvei­led its uni­que vacuum tube ampli­fiers in 2012 with its wire­less audio docks. The vacuum tube offers audio­phi­les the best of both worlds – the warm rich­ness of a tube ampli­fier with the power and pre­ci­sion of digi­tal tech­no­logy. The com­pany today demons­tra­ted a con­ti­nued com­mit­ment to rai­sing the bar in qua­lity audio by expan­ding the line of digi­tal audio pro­ducts that offer this suc­cess­ful hybrid tube tech­no­logy.

New in 2013, Samsung’s vacuum tube tech­no­logy will be inte­gra­ted into the HW-F750 sound­bar so con­su­mers can enjoy the rich, power­ful sound qua­lity they desire. A wire­less sub-woo­fer means con­su­mers have even grea­ter fle­xi­bi­lity in set­ting up the sys­tem, so as to main­tain their clean and mini­ma­list décor. The HW-F750 also con­nects wire­lessly to select 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs via Blue­tooth, which means the sound­bar may be con­nec­ted without any audio cables, making set up a breeze. The Sound­bar will be avail­able in March for $799.

The vacuum tube ampli­fier can also be found in Samsung’s home thea­ter sys­tems, begin­ning with the HT-F6500W, for impro­ved audio cla­rity and warmth. The Blu-ray com­po­nent of the HT-F6500W also offers Samsung’s latest Smart Hub and AllS­hare fea­tures, along with full web brow­sing capa­bi­li­ties. The HT-F6500W deli­vers out­stan­ding value at $599, and will be avail­able in March.

The Freedom to Enjoy Quality Sound Anywhere

Con­su­mers can now enjoy crys­tal clear sound whe­re­ver they are with the DA-F60 por­ta­ble wire­less Blue­tooth spea­ker. Des­pite its com­pact size, the DA-F60 deli­vers a full-range sound repro­duc­tion that is on par with lar­ger and more expen­sive sys­tems. The speaker’s inte­gra­ted Near-Field Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons (NFC) con­nec­tivity makes it easy for con­su­mers to pair the spea­ker with other NFC devices, such as a smart­phone or tablet, by sim­ply tap­ping the two devices toge­ther. It also con­nects wire­lessly to select Samsung 2012 and 2013 Smart TVs and other Blue­tooth-enab­led devices for an effort­less and stream­li­ned music play­ing expe­ri­ence. With 12-hour play­back on a full bat­tery charge, con­su­mers never need to worry about being without their music. They can get their hands on this sty­lish spea­ker from April for $299.

Amp up your Party with Samsung’s Giga Sound Systems

Samsung today also ent­e­red a new cate­gory in home audio with its first-ever 2.2 chan­nel Giga Sound Sys­tems. The MX-FS8000 and the MX-FS9000 both fea­ture power­ful 15″ dual sub-woo­fers that deli­ver 2300W and 2560W in sound respec­tively for stand-out audio. The sound sys­tems offer wire­less strea­m­ing via Blue­tooth tech­no­logy, so it is easy to sync the sys­tems to com­pa­ti­ble devices and play music from CDs, USBs or strea­m­ing audio ser­vices. With its spe­cial DJ Effects and DJ Light­ing fea­tures, as well as its ability to sup­port mic input, an eve­ning of enter­tain­ment will never be the same again. Samsung’s flagship MX-FS9000 will be avail­able in May for $1,499 and the MX-FS8000 will be avail­able in June for $999.


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