LG, genauer gesagt der White Label-Pro­du­zent LG Dis­play der für LG Elec­tro­nics und andere Elek­tro­nik­her­stel­ler Dis­plays lie­fert, hat für die CES 2013 meh­rere inter­es­sante Dis­plays in Ultra HD- sowie Full HD-Auf­lö­sung ange­kün­digt.

LG Dis­play wird Ultra HD-Panels in den Grö­ßen 55, 65 und 84 Zoll prä­sen­tie­ren. Alle Dis­plays unter­stüt­zen die pas­sive 3D-Tech­no­lo­gie „FPR pas­sive 3D“. Der Vor­teil bei die­ser Tech­no­lo­gie sind flim­mer­freie Bild­wie­der­ga­ben und vor allem hel­lere und sat­tere Far­ben.

Auch einen 30 Zoll 4K-Moni­tor, der sich per­fekt für 4K und Full HD-Video­be­ar­bei­tung eig­net, hat LG im Gepäck.

Im Smart­phone-Seg­ment möchte der Elek­tro­nik­her­stel­ler mit klei­nen 5.5 Zoll Dis­plays punk­ten. Diese haben eine Full-HD (1080p) Auf­lö­sung. Für den Tablet-Markt gibt es noch die 7 Zoll Dis­plays mit 1080p und für Lap­tops ein 12.9 Zoll Dis­play mit einer Auf­lö­sung von 2.560 x 1.700 Pixel.

OLED ist nicht ver­ges­sen. So zeigt LG auf der Messe auch Dis­plays mit mini­ma­len Ver­brauch und unglaub­lich kom­pak­ten Maßen. Hof­fent­lich geht diese Tech­no­lo­gie neben dem gan­zen UHD-Ange­bot nicht unter.

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LG Dis­play High­lights Advan­ce­ments in
Dis­play Tech­no­logy Reso­lu­tion and Design at CES 2013
First lin­eup of UHD TV dis­plays, world’s hig­hest reso­lu­tion 4K2K moni­tor on exhi­bit

Seoul, Korea (Decem­ber 27, 2012) – LG Dis­play [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a lea­ding manu­fac­turer of thin-film tran­sis­tor liquid crys­tal dis­play, will show­case the latest inno­va­ti­ons in dis­play tech­no­logy reso­lu­tion and design at a pri­vate booth during the week of CES 2013. On exhi­bit will be the first lin­eup of Ultra High Defi­ni­tion TV dis­plays, as well as world’s hig­hest reso­lu­tion 4K2K moni­tor.

We are relent­lessly pur­suing two key dri­vers that repre­sent the future of the dis­play indus­try, reso­lu­tion and design,“ said Dr. Sang-Beom Han, Pre­si­dent and CEO of LG Dis­play. „The pro­ducts exhi­bi­ted at CES 2013 reaf­firm both our repu­ta­tion as the field’s lea­ding inno­va­tor, as well as ability to deli­ver mar­ket win­ning solu­ti­ons to cust­o­m­ers around the world.“

Bre­akth­rough Reso­lu­tion and Design
LG Dis­play at CES 2013 will focus on the the­mes of high pic­ture qua­lity reso­lu­tion and design mini­ma­lism. Among other inno­va­tive pro­ducts, LG Dis­play will show­case the lin­eup of Ultra High Defi­ni­tion (UHD) panels, a tech­no­logy widely viewed as the future of TV, in 55-, 65- and 84-inch sizes.

At 3840×2160, UHD uti­li­zes an incredi­ble 8 mil­lion pixels or four times the reso­lu­tion of exis­ting Full HD. With 55- and 65-inch sizes added to 84-inch as part of its UHD lin­eup, LG Dis­play is poi­sed to domi­nate the emer­ging UHD pre­mium dis­play mar­ket. Also inte­gra­ted across its range of UHD TV dis­plays is the company’s acclai­med FPR (Film Pat­ter­ned Retar­der) 3D tech­no­logy for a truly peer­less offe­ring.

LG Display’s advan­ce­ments are not limi­ted to TV, but extend across the IT (Infor­ma­tion Tech­no­logy) sec­tor. In addi­tion to UHD TV dis­plays, the com­pany will unveil a 30-inch 4K2K moni­tor, which at 4096×2160, is the hig­hest reso­lu­tion com­pu­ter moni­tor to date. With unpar­al­le­led view­ing cla­rity, the moni­tor is anti­ci­pa­ted to be uti­li­zed by pro­fes­sio­nals in fields like medi­cine, design, and more.

In line with its mar­ket lea­ding AH-IPS (Advan­ced High Per­for­mance In-Plane Swit­ching) tech­no­logy for smart­pho­nes, tablets, and moni­tors, LG Dis­play will exhi­bit a Full HD 5.5-inch smart­phone dis­play with 403 ppi (Pixel Per Inch), as well as 7-inch tablet dis­play with reso­lu­tion of 1920×1200 and 324 ppi. A 12.9-inch lap­top panel fea­turing 2560×1700 (QSXGA) reso­lu­tion, pre­viously rea­li­zed in only 20-inch and over pre­mium moni­tors, will also be shown.

Lea­ding the future of dis­play tech­no­logy design, visi­tors will expe­ri­ence pro­ducts from LG Display’s Nar­row Bezel lin­eup inclu­ding the next gene­ra­tion in the popu­lar „Neo-Blade Series,“ a 23.8-inch moni­tor panel with an ultra nar­row bezel, as well as a 13.3-inch lap­top panel with a nar­ro­wer than 2 mm bezel. Also fea­tured will be a 4.7-inch mobile dis­play with appro­xi­mately 1mm bezel, pro­vi­ding a solu­tion for users to com­for­ta­bly grip a large-sized phone in one hand.

Last year’s show ste­aling 55-inch WRGB OLED will also be back at CES 2013 bet­ter than ever. LG Dis­play has fur­ther enhan­ced its ground­brea­king OLED TV not only in tech­no­logy, but also in design. Weig­hing just 3.5kg, 1/5th that of a typi­cal LCD dis­play, and impos­si­bly thin at 4mm, LG Dis­play is truly lay­ing the pro­lo­gue for the new OLED TV era.

Finally, LG Dis­play will high­light its advan­ce­ments in the public dis­play field with pro­ducts inclu­ding the world’s first 84-inch UHD Inter­ac­tive Whi­te­board for class­rooms, a futu­ris­tic 47-inch trans­pa­rent dis­play, a 47-inch high bright­ness dis­play per­fect for out­door signage use, and bre­a­thta­king video wall com­po­sed of nine 55-inch FPR 3D panels.

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